Woodlands Business Park

In 2004, the owners of Mountain Country Mortgage (MCM) contacted smithARCHITECTS to design a new office building to accommodate their growing business. The property that MCM wanted to develop was fairly small and heavily forested. smithARCHITECTS investigated the site and designed a facility that was organized to minimize the impact on the existing trees, while also providing maximum building area. The building is a two-story, wood framed structure that was organized to provide rentable suites on the ground floor and the offices of MCM on the second floor. The office spaces are accessed off of a common lobby with vaulted ceilings, large windows, and exposed heavy timber structural detailing. The exterior architectural character is compatible with the traditional mountain architecture of Flagstaff and is also in compliance with the City of Flagstaff Design Review Guidelines.
MCM acted as owner/builder throughout the development of this building. smithARCHITECTS worked closely with MCM from the beginning design stages, through construction and into final occupancy. This teamwork resulted in a facility that serves its function extremely well and is a building that both the owner and smithARCHITECTS are very proud of.

Location: Flagstaff
Size: 7,900 s.f.
Completion: June 2005