Community Behavioral Health Services

Page, AZ

Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) is a not-for-profit service that provides mental health counseling for the City of Page and the surrounding communities. Their high level of services was increasing in popularity and as a result, their previous facility could no longer provide the space their services demanded in order for them to work efficiently and effectively. 
Based on recommendations from previous clients in the Page community, CBHS contacted smithARCHITECTS (sA) to help them create a new facility. sA worked very closely with CBHS from the beginning stages, helping them to identify and realize their future program needs. The new facility is an 11,000 s.f., two-story facility that is located on a site that provides expansive views of Glen Canyon. The first floor consists of the vaulted entry lobby, patient record storage, several counseling and treatment rooms, and a large conference room that can also be used after hours by the community. The second floor consists of administrative offices and an employee break room with an outdoor patio. CBHS expressed that a primary goal of this new facility was to protect the privacy of their clientele; basically their clients are concerned that passersby will see their cars in the parking lot and know that they are receiving counseling. In order to accommodate this request sA organized the building floor plan in an ‘L’ shape and located the building adjacent to the main street. This organization allowed the parking lot to be placed at the interior of the site and the building provided a visual barrier from the street to the parking lot. This placement on the site also provided spectacular views of Glen Canyon from the public lobby and administrative offices.

Location: Page, AZ
Size: 11,000 s.f.
Completion: August 2004